Boat Slips

Billy Bosarge 003HighView Marina contracts boat slips on a month to month basis. These slips include: * 16 Covered Slips, *10 Security (Caged) Slips, *4 Garage Units, *14 Sailboat slips, *22 Garage Dry Dock Slips as well as land parking for campers.  We also provide free land parking for your boat trailers.  Boat slip owners are allowed on the marina at all hours.  Boat slip owners and one “designated” person are allowed to fish for free on the marina.

Be an excellent boat slip owner, respect the no wake zone.

Covered Boat Slips

  There are 16 “Covered” slips at HighView Marina which rent for $90/month and measure 10’ X 23’.

Caged Boat Slips

  There are 10 “Caged” slips at HighView Marina which rent for $110/month and measure 10’ X 29’.  Persons in the Caged Area must close and lock the back gate upon entering the lake.  All gates in the Caged Area must be locked at all times.

Garage Boat Slips

There are 4 Garage slips on the water at HighView Marina which rent for $120/month. Two slips are 15′ x 23′ with a garage opening of 10′. That allows a walkway of 3′ on one side and 2′ on the other. The other two slips are 12′ x 23′ with a garage opening of 10′ […]

Sailboat Slips

  There are 14 Sailboat Slips at HighView Marina which measure 10’ X 23’ and rent for $70.00/per month.  While we have never had 14 sailboats in our slips, we rent the slips for other boats, preferably pontoons, since they are not covered.  Any slip that is available may also be rented out for a […]

Dry Dock

There are 22 Dry Dock (Garage Units) on the land at HighView Marina for those who do not wish to leave their boat on the water.  These slips rent for $60/month.  10 units are 9’ X 28’ and 12 units are 12’ X 29’.

Land Parking

You may park your camper on the land at HighView Marina for $35/month. Boat slip owners park their trailers for free. You must come in and fill out a contract. ANY CAMPER, BOAT, OR TRAILER LEFT WITHOUT A CURRENT CONTRACT OR CONSENT FROM THE OWNERS WILL BE TOWED AT OWNERS EXPENSE.