mayupdate1The store at HighView Marina carries a wide variety of tackle for your fishing needs.  Many people are amazed at the tackle inventory we carry for such a small store on a small lake.  We also carry life jackets, and a small amount of boating supplies; weights, ropes, lights as well as camping supplies.  We have cold drinks, chips, candy and snacks.

Live and Frozen Bait

Minnows (large, med, small) Pink Rosie’s Goldfish Shrimp Chicken Liver Shad Worms Black Saltie’s (seasonal) Perch (seasonal)

Lures and Tackle

Highview Marina carries a wide variety of tackle for your fishing needs Bardwell Head Jigs Bobby Garland Lilypad Jigs Hand-tied Jigs Humdinger Lures Bass Lures Weights, Bobbers, Line Hooks Fishing Rods, Reels Kid’s Rods Minnow Buckets Stringers / Fish Baskets Knives

Marina Store

Along with tackle and snacks at the marina store, you can also buy fishing license, or register your lake record.  HighView Marina is listed with Texas Parks and Wildlife as a certified weigh station. Be sure to pick up your favorite cold drink, bag of chips and candy bar. You just might need chapstick, sun […]

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