Fishing on Dock

There is always room for fishing on the dock at HighView Marina.  There are “2” fishing lounges, seating areas on the outside, and fishing between the boats is allowed.

Marina Fishing Fee: Seniors (65 and older) $5  |  kids 12 and under $5  | and adults $7

You pay only once a day. Campers can return to their campsites – then come again to fish on the marina.

Limit of 2 poles per person / Any angler 17 or older must have a valid fishing license.

We have 2 covered areas with benches, rails, and sunken brush to attract fish. We also have a cleaning station on site. You may fish anywhere on the marina, even the boat slips, as long as you do not disturb the boats.

Night fishing is great at Bardwell! Anglers are welcome to fish until 10:00 pm.

As you can see, if you can’t find a spot to fish then you ain’t lookin’ !